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Current Opportunities:

 If you have a passion for fashion and textiles, Notty would love to hear from you! 

Notty welcomes students wishing to learn more about her costume collection and research facilities are available at the museum by appointment only.

Notty also has a small restoration studio which gives people who have a passion or a talent for sewing, the opportunity to restore some of her textiles.


Please email Notty to discuss your proposal:

“I did a short placement at Hope House Costume Museum whilst I was studying fashion and clothing at Chesterfield College. I was in total awe of the costume I got to handle and learn about with Notty, her knowledge of early twentieth century dress, in particular, is remarkable. Having been so inspired by some of the things I learnt here, I went on to study a BA Degree in hand embroidery at The Royal School of Needlework, and later a Masters degree in historical research. The great thing about Hope House Costume Museum is that you get real, hands-on experience with historical dress, Notty is so accommodating and will help you to tailor your learning to whatever interests you the most.”

Eppie, Matlock

"I had a great time on a placement at Hope House Costume Museum. Notty has such a huge collection of costumes and antiques, that I got to see and handle.We were always busy sorting and cataloguing the collection, changing displays, restoring the costumes and packing for shows and tours of the museum. It's a great way to learn about the shapes and styles of evolving fashions, always discovering a new item you've never seen before!"

Emma, Belper

"I came across Hope House Costume Museum through their website and was instantly intrigued to visit. Notty has accommodation which is available for some students, and with me living several hours away, this was perfect. During my work placement at the museum I assisted in redesigning one of the displays and got to handle dress and accessories from the 1920s-60s. I learnt many new skills and improved my knowledge of early twentieth century fashion, which is my particular interest. Overall, my experience at the museum and with Notty was great and would strongly recommend it to others."

Rebecca, London

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